Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Got milk?!

Why yes, yes I do. And a milkman. That's right, I've reverted back to the 1950's Everyday Baker and got myself a milkman. 
Last week, a young man came knocking at my door telling me about Aussie Farmers Direct. Now unfortunately for that young man (I'm guessing from his pitch that he may have been on commission), it was crazy hour and I had two screaming lads in tow, so I turned him down. As I told him, I wanted to do some research. So after perusing the Aussie Farmers Direct website, I decided to sign up, place a weekly order and try them out. 

Waking up and opening the front door in the morning after the first delivery was exciting. I loved that someone had delivered our milk (and yoghurt and cheese) in the early hours of the morning and I could just grab the cooler bag and bring it inside without having to converse with any strangers. 
My order of local Harvey Fresh milk (my favourite brand is Bannister Downs but they only come in small pouches and are not one of the Aussie Farmers Direct suppliers), WA beef and chicken, Australian-made dairy products, many organic, were perfectly chilled ready for the fridge. 
My second dairy order didn't go so smoothly. They forgot my cheese and yoghurt, but, unlike other delivery services I've tried, after I let them know I received a personal text message from the franchisee apologising and asking if I would like the missing items delivered the next day. I was happy. 

So I'm sticking with my new milkman. The service is fantastic and I love the fact we're supporting an independent company with good intentions rather than one of the big supermarkets. Plus, I'm also trying their fruit and veggie service. While I still love going to the markets, it's not always possible so this is a great option.  

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